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Why choose a Richmond sedation dentist?

Sedation is one of the fastest growing trends in dentistry, and with good reason. The medical standard has long been to sedate patients for painful and frightening procedures. However, until recent years, dental patients did not have this privilege. Local anesthetic is effective for pain relief in most cases, but there are distinct advantages to dental sedation.

Dental fear

Many people feel a bit of apprehension when visiting the dentist. Psychologists attribute this to several possible causes, including previous bad experiences, social influences, and even claustrophobia. For some, the feeling goes beyond apprehension. The gripping, heart-pounding fear that stands between millions of people and the dental care they desperately need is known as dental phobia. Sedation can ease your fears, and possibly eliminate your memory of the appointment.


Children are not the only ones who have a problem holding still. Attention Deficit Disorder is not just an affliction of youth. Many adults literally can't hold still, and many more are simply restless and impatient. When sedated, you become relaxed and mellow. You also have little awareness of the passage of time.

Time Saving

Without sedation, the length of your appointment needs to be limited for your comfort. Sedation makes lengthy visits more comfortable, preventing muscle fatigue or tension. You won't feel like you've been in the office more than a few minutes.

Pain sensitivity

No two people are alike, and there are exceptions to every rule. Local anesthetics are considered sufficient for most patients under most circumstances. However, some people are more sensitive to pain than others are. Sedation makes you less aware of sensation, as well as enhancing the effects of local anesthetic.


We strive to make your every visit a pleasant one. Even with in our comfortable office and pleasant atmosphere, many people simply do not find dental work to be an enjoyable experience. While there is no instant cure for most dental problems, having fewer appointments and minimal awareness of the time spent in the chair is a close second.

Dental sedation is considered extremely safe for most patients, but be sure to tell Dr. Martin about any allergies or medical conditions you may have, as well as any medication you are taking. The sedatives used in dentistry are much milder than the general anesthesia used in hospitals. Although it is commonly called “sleep dentistry,” you will be conscious and relatively aware of your surroundings. However, you will feel completely relaxed and remarkably disinterested, or uninvolved, in what is happening.

If you are ready to relax in the dentist's chair, call Richmond Smile Center and ask for more information about sedation.
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