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dr. charles martin
Dr Charles Martin
Dr. Charles Martin
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experienced and
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Sedation Dentistry

Are you scared of going to the dentist? This particular fear has unfortunately kept many individuals from getting the dental care they need. In fact, studies show that over 75% of Americans have a fear of the dentist-so you're not alone! The Dentists at Richmond Smile Center have been offering sedation dentistry since 1983. Sedation dentistry has helped many individuals overcome these deep-seated fears and anxieties that prevent them from going to the dentist.

For most of us, sedation dentistry is really just taking "the edge" off. When we are afraid, our senses are heightened, our adrenaline goes up, and we fall into our fight-or-flight response, which causes us to respond differently than when we are relaxed. The whole idea behind sedation dentistry is to decrease the anxiety to make you comfortable. This helps your hyper-responsiveness go down so that you can come in for your dental work calm and relaxed, which allows you to get the care you really need.

Sedation dentistry works for everyone, but different individuals may need different techniques or different doses in order for them to feel fully relaxed. For most patients, a pill can be taken approximately one hour before their appointment to help them relax and calm down. A friend or family member can drive them to and from their appointment.

When you have an anxiety or fear of the dentist, we can help you overcome that. Maybe you had a bad experience at the dentist as a child or an adult. With sedation dentistry, we are able to get the dental work done so that you can be on your way to smiling again and feeling comfortable about going to the dentist. It helps make dental visits more positive, and not something to fear.

Don't be afraid of a new smile! With sedation dentistry, you can be on your way to smiling again and feeling great about yourself and the way you look! In addition to offering sedation dentistry, Dr. Martin and his staff offer gentle dentistry and a friendly atmosphere to make dental visits a more pleasurable experience for everyone!
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