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dr. charles martin
Dr Charles Martin
Dr. Charles Martin
is one of the most
experienced and
dentists in the
country. He has been treating complex dental cases for over 30 years. He is also a sought- after teacher and lecturer and a published author. Read More
books by dr. martin
Dr Charles Martin Books
Find out how you can start improving your dental health today!

Difficult Dental Cases

There's hope for the hopeless!

A lot of us feel that our mouth is so bad that we are embarrassed to go to the dentist. We may feel like our mouth is so horribly beyond repair that we are too ashamed to visit the dentist. Difficult dental cases are our specialty. The reality is that our office is designed to help the person that has big problems, difficult dental situations, and are embarrassed about how they look. Dr. Martin has received calls from individuals in tears about the life they've experienced because of their teeth. We don't judge - we help!

Virtually everyone can be helped, even those with an aversion to the dentist. Approximately 75% of the population has some kind of negative experience at the dentist. Dr. Martin has designed his office to be calming and relaxing so that his patients can have a positive, memorable experience in the dental chair. The friendly atmosphere and gentle work that he does reflects the way in which he himself would want his own dental experience to be like.

We have made a lot of technological leaps and bounds in dentistry. What we know now is that your teeth are so important to your overall health that it is actually silly to ignore it. The mouth is connected to the rest of your body-it is all one unit. If you ignore your teeth, you are asking for trouble in other places, and we have studies that show this to be true. With the technology that we have today - from dental implants to plastic surgery of the gums, to rebuilding bites and orthodontics treatments - we can now solve problems that weren't solvable in the past.

No matter how extensive your dental work is, it is never too late to reverse the situation. The effects of bad oral hygiene can be reversed with the right procedures and ongoing treatments. The Dentists of Richmond Smile Center can talk to you today about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and the ability they have to turn your smile into a beautiful work of art!
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