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dr. charles martin
Dr Charles Martin
Dr. Charles Martin
is one of the most
experienced and
dentists in the
country. He has been treating complex dental cases for over 30 years. He is also a sought- after teacher and lecturer and a published author. Read More
books by dr. martin
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Choosing the best cosmetic dentists in Richmond

Throughout history, humankind has appreciated the beauty of a flawless smile. However, those with less than perfect teeth had few options. Modern cosmetic dentistry has changed that situation, with a wide variety of options to correct any esthetic flaw imaginable. As the popularity of smile enhancement has grown, so has the number of dentists offering these procedures. The quality of results depends largely on the skill of your dentist, so it is important to make your choice wisely.

Normally, when you visit a specialist you can assume that person has completed certain evaluations and educational requirements to earn his or her title. However, “cosmetic” is not a recognized specialty, meaning that no specific criteria must be met. Of course, there are extensive requirements to earn the title of dentist, but general schooling does not focus on the esthetic aspect. Any specialized training is entirely voluntary.

Dr. Charles Martin has completed thousands of hours of continuing education, including Case Western Reserve University's cosmetic dentistry program, from which he graduated Summa Cum Laude. His credentials include Fellowship with International Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics. This honor is only bestowed on the most skilled cosmetic dentists, requiring nomination by some of the top esthetic researchers and practitioners in the world.

Dr. Martin and his dedicated staff take the time to understand each patient's unique needs. Esthetic procedures are very personal, and tailored to match your individual concept of beauty. Whether you want a picture-perfect, ultra-white “Hollywood smile” or a more subtle, naturally flawless appearance, you have come to the right place. You can view a few examples of the stunning smiles we have created in our picture gallery.

Don't worry if your dental problems extend beyond esthetic. We specialize in complex cases, and high fear patients. You will never be judged in our office, and you will not be subjected to high-pressure “sales” tactics. We are here to help you. To accomplish that goal, we provide world-class dentistry in a relaxing environment, with the option of sedation.

Don't trust your smile to less than the best. Call 804-417-7203 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin at Richmond Smile Center today.
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