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dr. charles martin
Dr Charles Martin
Dr. Charles Martin
is one of the most
experienced and
dentists in the
country. He has been treating complex dental cases for over 30 years. He is also a sought- after teacher and lecturer and a published author. Read More
books by dr. martin
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Find out how you can start improving your dental health today!

Change your life with cosmetic dentistry from Richmond Smile Center

Your smile is an invaluable asset. It can be one of the most important factors affecting your confidence, social life, and even your career. The exceptional quality of cosmetic dentistry at Richmond Smile Center can change your life.

Cosmetic dentistry is not completely separate from general or restorative dentistry. Many common dental problems, including broken, decayed, or missing teeth, are painful, unhealthy, and unattractive. There are several methods of repairing such damage to restore functionality and protect wellness. Depending on the procedure chosen, materials used, and skill of the dentist, restorations do not always look better. Sometimes they even look worse than damaged teeth.

What distinguishes cosmetic dentistry is the focus on aesthetic perfection, in addition to health, comfort, and functionality. When you come to Richmond Smile Center, you will receive the highest level of care available. Whether you want to improve the appearance of healthy teeth, or end years of pain and inconvenience with a dazzling smile, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Dr. Charles Martin is one of the foremost cosmetic dentists in the area, with over 30 years of experience and countless delighted patients. He is an honored graduate of the Case Western Reserve University Cosmetic Dentistry Program, and a respected member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He will examine the condition of your teeth, and discuss your goals. After you and Dr. Martin decide the best way to achieve the smile of your dreams, he will exceed your expectations with his exemplary skills.

From repairing the slightest aesthetic imperfection, to entire smile replacement, we offer many cosmetic dentistry options to provide the ideal solution for your situation. A simple teeth-whitening procedure can lighten dingy or stained teeth several shades in a single office visit. Facelift dentures or dental implants can literally give you a brand new smile. Many other procedures including veneers, bridges, and crowns can address problems in between the extremes.

You can count on Dr. Martin to deliver a flawless smile with artisan skill. Call Richmond Smile Center today and schedule an appointment to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options.
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